A Personal Loan

Wonga Personal Loans

Wonga Personal Loans Wonga Personal Loans are convenient and straight to the point, Wonga offers loans up to R3000 for a payment period of 34 days, these are little loans that anyone can offered. Read More

Credit Report South Africa

Credit Report South Africa Knowing your debt and how much you owe can be a very good thing for people who are looking to get a loan, with credit report South Africa you can achieve that. You will be able to see how much debt you have, know where to improve your credit, see if you have judgements or listings, see what lenders see when you apply for finance. Apply Now

Medical Aid South Africa

How freedom to choose from South Africa’s leading medical aid providers and the best benefits such as Major Medical Benefit, Chronic Benefit, Day-to-day Benefit, Health Platform Benefit, Get access to the rewards program, Tailor made medical aid just for you, Save up to 35% of your medical aid, Earn returns for being healthy, No middleman to pressure you, Free annual health assessment. Apply Now

FNB Revolving Loan

The most incredible thing about FNB Revolving Loan is that you can access the loan after you have paid 15 % of your loan. If you need to know more about FNB Revolving Loan read more below: Read more


Finchoice Loan Mobi

Get Finchoice Loan by applying through their mobi platform, through Finchoice mobi platform you can apply for personal loan, flexi loan and kwikadvance loan. Read more

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