Capfin Personal Loan

Capfin Personal Loan

Capfin personal loan is available in stores like pep and ackermans you don’t have to queue up for a loan no more… its nationwide

Requirements of Capfin Personal Loan

For a capfin personal loan you need to have a valid South African ID and a cell phone number bank account and be permanently employed and get paid monthly.

Ways to Apply for Capfin Personal Loan

To apply for a capfin personal loan you just take your South African ID to any pep or ackermans store,no bank statements,pay slips or proof of address is required,after a scan in your ID has been taken in just few minutes your application will be assess and you will receive an SMS with an answer and if your loan is approved you will get a call on your cell phone to complete your application a Capfin personal loan offers you a loan up to 20 000 in just 5 minutes, 12 percent discount and it covers you and your love ones in case of death.

Contact Details for Capfin Personal Loan

You can call 087 354 000 or email info@capfin.co.za

capfin personal loan

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