Student Loans

A Student Loan is a loan given to further studies like going to colleges and tertiary, a lot of credit provider have just made dreams to come true to South Africans by offering the Student Loan and the student loan covers all the accommodation, textbooks and tuition fees.

How to apply

For a Student Loan you can apply online or visit the nearest branch having with you your personal details and school details.

For More On Online Application

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Online Application
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To apply for a Student Loan you will need to have a valid identity document, parent identity document, proof of payment, latest results, proof of registration, proof of cost, proof of street address, income and expenditure statement and 2 month’s bank statements then you can apply at your nearest branch.

What does the Student Loan offer

The Student Loan offer easy repayment, low interest rates, fixed interest and insurance and all it depends on which credit provider that you apply to, they differ in their offers and they offer the best service in what they do.

Contact details

Website: www.directmoney.co.za

Student Loans

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