Call Direct Personal Loan offers a personal protector plan

Call Direct Personal Loan gives you loans of up to R50 000 with the repayment terms chosen by you and they are from 7 to 60 months with a personal protector plan that settles your outstanding balance in case of death or disability, you can call them to apply or complete the call me back for the consultant to call you back and process the loan just call them direct.

Ways to apply

Apply Below

Call Direct Personal Loan offers the call me back process and you can even give them a call and the consultant will assist you with your query and what is needed when completing the online form is name, surname, ID number, email and the working cell phone number.

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What does the Call Direct Personal Loan offer

Call Direct Personal Loan offers loans from R2, 000 up to R50, 000 with the repayment month’s you chosen but is from 7 up to 60, the application of a call and Sms where the consultant can help you step by step for you to get the loan that best suits you and your pocket Call Direct Personal Loan even offers you a personal protector plan that suits you.

Contact details

Call:0861 0303 01 or

Loans Direct Personal Loans

Loans Direct Personal Loans

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