Edgars Personal Loans how to apply and documents needed

Edgars Personal Loans offers a loan facility to those in need in emergency times like if you need to pay medical, buy gifts or car repairs and they have just made it easy to apply you can call them or visit the nearest branch with the required documentation and for their clients they give a shopping voucher of R250 that you can use at any Edgars store.

Ways to apply

Apply Below

Edgars Personal Loans offers the branch visit application and you can even give them a call with your work and personal details in hand like your valid ID, be 18 years or older, have the latest of your bank statement and payslips.

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What does the Edgars Personal Loans offer

Edgars Personal Loans offers loans, vouchers of up to R250 that you can use at any Edgars store with the branch application and the call process application with their friendly consultant that helps you step by step till you possess the loan that is well deserved Edgars Personal Loans is the best when it comes to giving you the well suitable loan.

Contact details

Call:0861 000 123

Edgars Personal Loans

Edgars Personal Loans

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